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Friday, January 21, 2011

Week 1 & 2 Back to Work and other not so lovely things

Hello fellow bloggers...

So my first 2 weeks back to work weren't too shabby.

But the hell and highwater that came with it was ridiculous.  Me and my ex got into no what a surprise, yet another fight. Not to mention after him verbalizing his wanting me to crash with my new car, the next day, I hit a curb and wrecked my car. Ughhhhh  *head in hands*  It all makes me wanna rip my face off lol
 All of which resulted in unnecessary drama and me moving back to my parents' place extra early. Now I'm down to the wire and I've only got 10 days left, sorry 9, left to get my crap out of my apartment and into my parents' place.

Don`t get me wrong I love my parents to death but I hate not living on my own away from my family lol I`m afraid I might freak out especially with all that`s going on between me and Baby Daddy.  Being the youngest doesn`t help, everyone is overbearing and over protective...

On the upside, I love being back at work and having my brain cleared of anything personal for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.  Though I still think about Baby JB every minute, I don`t think about all the drama.  I get time to think about moving up in the business and doing my job right. And when I come home I can`t wait to hold my little man and spoil him rotten with hugs and kisses.

The most exciting thing coming up, which I love to say is on my plus list...BABY JB`S FIRST BIRTHDAY w00t w00t.  Next after that is planning his Ojibwe naming ceremony.  So good things to look forward to.

I`ve made a deal with myself...No going after boys, no involvement with boys on an intimate level until the pressure from this current brain implosion is relieved and gone.  At this point I need only to think of me and Baby JB and saving money and fixing my car and then good times with friends in between.

Anyways hope all is good with you blogger world...Oh another plus, my internet is back and I`m blogging again.

Good times ahead I`m sure and positive thoughts *insert meditative hum*


Momma C